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Dive into a world of expert fish farming guidance and top-quality products which empower you to harvest more quantity, quality fish & shrimps with profitability.

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Discover Tailored Services for Thriving Fish Farming. Our Aquaculture Experts Provide Knowledge and Support for Success in Every Aspect of Fish Cultivation, Whether You’re a Newcomer or Seasoned Professional.

“One Shop – One Stop Solutions for all Aquaculture aspects & Fisheries”.

Fish Tutor

Learn fish farming essentials with our E-Learning platform.


All kinds of Government & Semi Government Projects, our social activity.


Availability of Fish Feed, Fish Seed, Fish Medicine, Fish Equipment's.

Market Linkage

Premium Fish Buying & Selling (Import/Export & Integration of Project)

Exclusive Knowledge based platform to grow your business

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Who we are

We’re on the spot, when you need us, and fast

Anywhere You Are: Whether you prefer online convenience or face-to-face interaction, we offer both online and offline consultation options. Our flexible approach ensures that no matter your location, you can access expert guidance tailored to your fish farming needs.

Our Value

See the fish, feel the thrill, catch the rewards

Embark on an Immersive Aquatic Adventure: Immerse Yourself in the Fascinating Realm of Fish Farming, Feel the Excitement of Thriving Ecosystems, and Reap Abundant Rewards that Await Your Efforts.


Developing India's top eco-friendly aquaculture systems, we empower rural youth and women in fisheries entrepreneurship for sustainable jobs.


Our mission is to foster sustainable economic opportunities in aquaculture, driving rural development and expanding business prospects Domestically and Internationally.

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Gain valuable hands-on experience, enhance your skills, and kickstart your career journey with our dynamic internship opportunities.

Skill Development

Develop practical, job-ready skills to elevate your professional profile.

Expert Guidance

Receive mentorship from industry leaders for valuable insights and support.

Our Gallery

Gallery of Aquatic Memories

Dive into our visual showcase, capturing the essence of successful fish farming through vibrant imagery and inspiring moments.

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Embrace the Challenge: Time to Dive In and Make Waves. Aqua Doctor Solutions is here to empower your journey in aquaculture.

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